Saturday, July 15, 2017

Curious Google Ads

This being a blog posted on a "free" Google owned site, it doesn't cost me anything to post here. Unfortunately, it also means that I don't get paid for the things I write here. I know, some of you might consider this a case of Instant Karma. Be that as it may, I would like to earn the occasional peso or two.

To help with this yen to earn a few bucks, I have Google ads placed within this blog. I do get a dollar from time to time, but not nearly as much as I'd like.

Google ads are sensitive to content. Consequently, the fact that so many of my posts have been about my misadventures raising pigs in Philippines, there will appear ads for pig farming equipment, like the one seen in the screen shot below.

I will also see ads dealing with poultry feed. Again, this is understandable. Although I don't post anything dealing with chickens, it is about farming, after all and many who raise pigs also raise chickens.

I am puzzled, however about a recent Google ad that's come up (so to speak) involving prostate problems.

It's possible that my recent post about castrating the piglets have triggered some algorithm that brings up prostate ads.

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