Thursday, July 20, 2017

Al Bowlly

Yesterday I was surfing Youtube and Spotify, looking for unfamiliar music that I might enjoy listening to. That search brought me to a singer whose name was familiar although her recordings weren't - Sophie Tucker. Videos of Ms. Tucker on Youtube lead me to a brand new discovery : Al Bowlly.
Bowlly was a popular English crooner during the 1930s.

In spite of Bowlly's immense popularity during his life time, I had never heard of him. Perhaps his death during a German air attack on London lead to his soon being forgotten.

His recordings are available on Spotify, as well as videos on Youtube. During the height of his career, Bowlly was performing and recording with two orchestras - one led by Ray Noble, and the other by Lew Stone.

Examples of his work with both orchestras are below:

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