Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Today's Piglet Report

Although not ripe, the fruit growing on the tree at our apartment complex has begun to fall off the tree at a pretty steady pace. It doesn't take long to collect a small bag full. After taking my son to school, and taking my morning walk, I drove out to the property in Magatas to take the collected fruit to the pigs.

My wife's papa had already fed the pigs, but being pigs, they were ready for a snack when I arrived. The adult pigs see me arrive and it's like Pavlov's dogs......they're so used to me giving them a bite to eat, that they begin squeeling right away.

I divide the fruit; I pick madre de agua leaves. The adults appear to like the leaves and the fruit equally. The piglets seem to prefer the madre de agua.

The mama pig has been removed from the pen where ahe gave birth to the piglets, and returned to one of the older pens. For the time being, the five remaining piglets will remain in the new pen. They will have to be moved, however when the now pregnant sow is ready to farrow.

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