Monday, July 31, 2017

Today's Walk

Saturday morning, I had things to pick up at the public market, so rather than walk the route I took on Thursday and Friday, I walked to the market and back for my morning walk.

Sunday being a day of rest, I don't take a morning walk. Today, I went back to the routine started last week - walking to the National Highway and back, timing my speed on my iPhone. Checking the time when I reached the Highway, the stopwatch read 17:30, faster than any of the times measured Thursday and Friday. As I had done Friday morning, I reset the stopwatch for the return walk. Upon reaching the apartment, I checked the time - 17:18. According to calculations done at, my speed walking the first 1.05 mile was 3.60 MPH. The return 1.05 was 3.64 MPH.

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