Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Piglets at Four Weeks

The piglets are now one day short of being four weeks old. I went to the piggery this afternoon bearing fruit picked from a tree growing at our apartment complex. (There will be more about the tree in another post).

A portion of the fruit was given to the pregnant sow (Peppa) with most of it being dumped into the pen holding the piglets and their mama, Olivia. The fruit isn't quite ripe, but I knew the adults liked it - I believed the piglets would as well. With the fruit still being a little hard, the piglets can't seem to be able to bite into the whole piece, They have to eat the small pieces that result from the older pig chomping into the fruit and dropping bits in the process. There is still quite a lot of fruit to be picked from the tree; I'll probably let it ripen before feeding more to the pigs.

A quick look at the photos show that their are now five piglets at the piggery, rather than the six mentioned in earlier posts. The owner of the boar that impregnated Olivia was at the piggery earlier today and pick up his payment - one piglet. I told my wife's papa today that I will be giving him one piglet, as well, as a bonus for all the help he's provided. Needless to say, he's happy about that.

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