Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Johan's Ark Revisited

Sadly, I no longer receive a boat load of comments on this blog. It's not like the good ol' days, when my nemesis, using the Ga. Dept. of Education web servers in Paulding County would leave beau coup snotty, childish comments. These days, I rarely receive any comments - good, bad or indifferent.

So, I thought it a bit unusual that I managed to get two comments on my recent post, Post Number 1600 - Johan's Ark.

The man leaving the comments had taken issue with three points. I find one particularly interesting.

An Ark that small is way too small to carry that many animals
Has it occurred to you they have done some maths and come to opposite conclusion?

I was not exactly certain who the "they" were who had done the "maths", so I tried a little web search. The Johan's Ark folks list the dimensions of their Ark on their website:

95 feet wide (29 meters)
410 feet long (125 meters)
75 feet tall (23 meters)
5 decks

Compare these figures to dimensions given at christiananswers.net for the size of Noah's Ark:

450 feet long
75 feet wide
45 feet high

Quite a few websites attempt to give an answer as to the number of animals Noah had on board, in order to "prove" the Ark was big enough:

and creation.com to name only a few.
The numbers - and the comparisons in size to football fields and freight trains - is enough to make eyes roll and heads spin.

I have a simple solution. Johan's Ark is supposed to be an exact replica of Noah's Ark. Why not attempt to fill this modern replica with the same number of animals as given in chapters 6 and 7 of Genesis? Not only the animals,but also enough food to keep the animals alive for the 40 days, with only 8 people on board to do all the work.

No hurry.....I can wait.

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