Monday, May 9, 2016

More Pastries

In Philippines, a city or municipality is divided into districts or wards called barangay. Sibulan, the municipality (or town) where we live consists of 15 barangays. We live in the barangay (brgy) of Cangmating. Our property is located in Brgy. Magatas. Like most Philippine cities or municipalities, the name commonly used for the central, downtown, or central business barangay is called Brgy.Poblacion.

In Sibulan's Brgy.Poblacion, you'll find the police station, the municipal offices, the market, pier and several businesses. There are several bakeries in Poblacion - too numerous to count, actually - but there are three, which we frequent, just feet from each other; Arbee's, AHL Richie & AHL Rose bakeries and Birdie's. When it comes to sliced bread, we prefer the bread from Birdie's. We haven't found any sliced bread in any of the bakeries or groceries in Sibulan or Dumaguete that's better.

Unfortunately, the other types of bread and pastries found at Birdie's aren't as good.

This morning, my son and I walked to the market area to buy bread. The pastries in the photo were purchased at AHL Richie & AHL Rose bakeries. I'm sure these two different varieties have names, but I didn't ask. They're as good as they look.

How do these compare with pastries found at The Rollin' Pin? The pastries from AHL are comparable to a Bear Claw or Danish in the U.S.. The pastries from The Rollin' Pin are a flakier pastry, more like a turn over or croissant.

I knew that a flaky pastry may be a bit more labor intensive, and I can understand why a pastry made that way might cost more, but the two pastries shown in the photo cost 5 peso each. The two pastries from The Rollin' Pin (show in the earlier post) were almost 4 times as much - 18 pesos each. The Rollin' Pin raisin pastries were a wee bit smaller than the AHL pastries. A pastry of a similar size purchased at The Rollin' Pin was 35 pesos.

Another advantage AHL has over The Rollin' Pin is it's location in relation to our apartment. AHL is well within walking distance from our apartment. If one has to indulge in one's craving for a sweet pastry, it doesn't hurt to get a little exercise before hand.

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