Saturday, May 7, 2016

London's New Mayor

Drudge Report announced the election of London's first Muslim mayor by refering to Sadiq Khan as 'Khan of Londonistan'.

It's difficult for me to say whether, or not, Westerners should be concerned over Khan's election. Just how 'Muslim' is Sadiq Khan?

He does not drink alcohol; he was recently sworn in to the Queen's advisory commitee -Privy Council- using a copy of the Quran, rather than a Bible. However, as a MP, he voted for gay marriage in 2013. Not exactly a Muslim value. With that vote, I suspect he's like nearly every other politician. He uses religion to suit his own agenda.

In an opinion piece for CNN one writer views Khan's election - as well as former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper defeat by Justin Trudeau - as bad news for Donald Trump. So called, Islamophobic campaigns just aren't the thing to do this season.

I'm not at all sure how Trump's approach to Islam will affect his chances to become POTUS. I believe he actually could shot someone on 5th Avenue, and still not lose support from the Trumpetts.

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