Sunday, May 8, 2016

Walang Tubig (No Water)

Not long after waking this A.M., I turned on the water faucet in the kitchen, only to discover that we had no water. Walang tubig.

Fortunately, we get our drinking water in 5 gallon containers purchased from one of the local drinking water refill stations. The downside, of course is there's no water today for bathing or toilet.

This happened once before, not so long ago. At that time, I suspected that the water stoppage was due to work being done at the bridge.

Thinking I could get photos for the blog by investigating today's stoppage, I took my camera to the bridge.

Sure enough, a pipe had broken at the bridge. Unfortunately, there were no repair workers in sight. Today is Sunday. No bridge workers will happen upon this. That means, of course, the repair won't be done until somebody reports the problem.

If I knew who to call, I'd be on the phone this minute. Will someone in Cangmating call the appropriate person? Let's hope so.

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