Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Still, Never Trump

One of my Facebook friends who supports Trump, posted a video of Sarah Palin asking us to unite behind Donald Trump.

Sorry, Sarah......not just "No", but "Hell, no!". I cannot support Trump for POTUS. Not now, not ever. As much as I despise Hillary Clinton, I cannot throw my lot with probably the only person more narcissistic than the current President.

I'm not nearly as fearful of Clinton as I am of Trump.A Hillary Clinton Presidency will not be a pretty thing to watch, but she is the new Richard Nixon. Her time in office will not last one full term. Should she beat Trump, her basic unlike-ability with the American public will not save her from impeachment when the FBI finally presents it's report.

I've never been a fan of Trump, but the straw has now broken the proverbial camel's back with Trump pushing the story that Ted Cruz' father was somehow involved with Lee Freakin' Harvey Oswald.....I know politics ain't beanbag, but this is an all time low.

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