Sunday, May 1, 2016

Take Out Pastries from The Rollin' Pin

In August of last year, I posted a piece, onto my Dumaguete Website blog, about a little coffee shop near Silliman called The Rolling Pin. Since that time, I've returned a few times with my son; my wife hadn't been there until the three of us stopped by Saturday morning after picking up my son's report card.

My wife tried a Mango milkshake - my son having his favorite; the cookies and cream milkshake. I had a pastry and a latte. I had no complaints about the pastry; it was quite good, in fact. However, I was disappointed in the latte.

To make up for my disappointment, I bought 2 raisin pastries to take home and have with a coffee that I prepared myself.

Like all the pastries I've tried from The Rolling Pin, these were very good. The price of these particular pastries is 18 pesos each. Two raisin pastries, 36 pesos - that comes to about $0.75. That's about on par for the U.S., although, I'd say that's a little high by Philippine standards.

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