Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Banana Plants and Coconut Tree

Before starting on the piggery, we have a section of old fence to move and new fence to put up. We began that project this morning.

We had previously marked out where fence posts were to be placed, and a coconut tree, which we had cut down awhile back, was straddling the fence line. We brought in two guys after lunch to cut up the tree into usable lumber. The lumber will be put to use on the pig pen/chicken coop.

The man with the chain saw knows his work. I was impressed with his accuracy and precision in cutting out the boards.

Not only was there a fallen coconut tree that needed to be taken care of, but there was also a cluster of banana plants slap dab along the fence line. The fence needs to go right through the center. The worker helping with the fence had to remove sections of the banana plants. We won't remove the entire bunch until the bananas are harvested off these plants.

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