Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Water is Back On

According to the timestamp on my earlier post, [Walang Tubig (No Water)] it was 8:56 AM when my post about our water problem was published. I had walked to the bridge where I believed the problem to be almost immediately after discovering the problem. Taking in to account the time it took me to walk to the bridge, take the photos and video, return home, upload everything and write the post, I'd estimate that it was about 8:00ish when I first noticed the water was off.

I had published an earlier post this morning [Melody Moezzi's Racism] at 6:52 AM and I don't believe the water was off at that time. I'm guessing that the damage to the water pipe might have happened about 7:30.....give or take.

As we were headed out the door, going to Mass, at 9:30, I checked the water in the kitchen and discovered that it was already back on. The damaged pipe had been repaired in less time than I believed was possible.

Good job, guys.

After Mass, we went out for Mother's Day pizza. Not long after we had returned home, I walked to the bridge to take a photo of the repair work. The photo at the top shows the water pouring out from under the blue pipe. The photo below shows the repair work.

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