Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Butternut Squash Update

On Friday, April 29, I posted an update on the butternut squash, and the failure of the okra seeds to germinate. I had even posted what I thought were very good photos of the squash plants. What can't be seen in those photos, are the tiny yellow flowers which had begun to appear on the plants.

As I also mentioned in the same post, we'd be making preparations for a piggery to be built on the property. I even had plans to supplement the pigs' diet with butternut squash one day.

Well, we all know about the best laid plans of mice and men.......

The material needed to build the piggery was delivered a few days ago. We went to the property this afternoon to document the progress with photos, where we discovered that the butternut squash plants had been destroyed by the delivery men.

My plans for vegetable gardening in Philippines have not worked as well as I had hoped. The squash seeds were the only ones I had been able to germinate, and now the squash has been, uh, well.....squashed. I still have seeds, but if I try to sprout them, my heart may not be in it.

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