Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Butternut Squash.....Another Attempt

In my last post documenting  my attempts at starting a garden in Philippines, I wrote how, after finally managing to successfully germinate a few butternut squash seeds,and getting plants into the ground at our property in Magatas, the plants were destroyed by workers bringing building material onto the property.

The blocks are to be used to build a piggery, and I had planned on supplementing the swine's diet with the butternut squash.

I'm not giving up.

Yesterday, I began germinating more butternut squash seeds. Information printed on the seed packet says the seeds should germinate in 8 - 10 days. In about 10 days from now, we will be moving the fence that is currently on the property - as well as putting up additional fencing. This should be provide enough time to have plants ready to transplant on the western side of the property in 20 or 30 days.

I've already been giving thought to how to use the squash when feeding the pigs. We'll be using store -bought feed as well; the squash will be to supplement the diet. We'll be eating the squash as well. I'll remove the seeds from any of the fruit fed to the swine. Two reasons for that. Part of the seeds will be roasted for snacks - also, I'm not sure if seeds going through a pig's system might produce plant "volunteers".

All this remains to be seen, however.

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