Friday, May 13, 2016

Another Bridge Update

Reading my occasional updates on the repair work being done on the bridge located between our apartment and Brgy. Poblacion, Sibulan, it's apparent that progress is being made, albeit slowly. It's unusual for my son and I to cross the foot bridge while workers are there; this is partly due to the fact that we normally take our walk at about 6:00 AM and the work doesn't usually begin that early.

It's a different story this morning. The workers are pouring concrete into the frames today, and they're getting an early start. Also, additional workers have been put on today. I didn't take an exact count, but it looked to me that more than two dozen workers were at the bridge today.

It isn't apparent in the few photos, but the men have formed concrete bucket brigades in order to fill the forms. There are cement mixers on both sides of the bridge.

Of course, we know this would not be the way it would be done in the U.S.. There, the company rebuilding the bridge would have concrete hauled to the site via truck. There would be one or two workers from the cement company and only a few workers from the construction company looking on. With the number of workers available for work in Philippines (and the cheap cost of labor) having two dozen men passing buckets of concrete is the best way to handle it.

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