Wednesday, July 13, 2016

And Then, There Were Four

I mentioned in an earlier post that three piglets were purchased yesterday, one castrated male for my wife's Papa, and a female and castrated male for us. I told my wife that I had wanted two females for breeding; I didn't have plans for the castrated male. After talking to her Papa and his brother (who sold us the piglets), my wife informed me that we'd exchange the male for another female.

This morning, I was told something different. We'd keep the male to raise for meat and purchase the second female. That works for me.

Now, as can be seen in the photo, we have four piglets in the temporary pen. In addition to naming the females Olivia and Peppa, my son wants to name our male pig George, after Peppa's younger brother. I wasn't sure about naming the male pig, since he will one day become a BBQ samidge (or rather, several BBQ samidges). My son wants to give him a name, so be it.

Like yesterday, work was done on the piggery, as well as a bit of weeding. As usual, photos follow.

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