Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Piggery Door

In an earlier post, I remarked that, prior to the actual construction of the roof for the piggery, I did not have a clear understanding of how the roof would look after it was completed. The same can be said for the doors for the pens where the piglets will be held.

I was told that there would be welding involved, but I thought the doors would be made entirely of wood, except for welded metal hinges. As can be seen in the photos, the entire door is made from metal rods. When I saw the door this morning, I was very impressed. It is, far and away, much better than I had imagined it would be.

There are two pens in this piggery. For now, only one pen has a door and concrete finishing. Eventually, the two females, when bred, will be segregated into separate pens. The piglets are only days old and it'll be quite awhile before they can be bred. In the mean time, all the piglets can be be kept in one pen. Our monthly budget for this project did not include enough to completely finish both pens; it's not necessary for the moment, so it can wait. Besides, the two male piglets will have been slaughtered and eaten long before then.

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