Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Peppa, Olivia and Friend.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we're getting our two piglets today. My wife accompanied her Papa to his brother's house to fetch the piglets while my son and I went on our morning walk.

While walking, my son and I talked about naming the piglets. I said that since we would be getting two females for breeding, it would be perfectly fine to name them; I'd have trouble naming an animal that I was raising to eat.

It was decided that one would be named Peppa and the other Olivia. Anyone who does not understand the references can click the links and be lead to the explanations.

We arrived home shortly before my wife returned from picking up the piglets. Upon her arrival, we discovered a mix up had occurred. My wife and her Papa picked up 3 piglets.....two for us and one for her Papa. Due to some misunderstanding, they got one female (aka gilt) and two castrated males (aka barrow). I told my wife that I wanted two gilts for breeding; I had no use for the barrow. I had no plans to butcher either of mine. Her Papa plans on butchering his, so he'll keep one of the barrows and return to his brother and exchange the other barrow for a gilt.

In addition to getting the piglets, more work was done to the piggery and another section of the property was weeded.

As usual, photos follow.

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