Friday, July 22, 2016

After Trump Loses the Election........

This election year has been so disappointing for me. We all knew Hillary Clinton would the Democrat nomination. There was no up and coming whippersnapper to snatch it from her the way Obama did 2008. It's been sad watching the Republicans nominate the only Republican who could not beat Clinton this November.

Rather than pick a young candidate with a positive message - like Marco Rubio - the Republicans picked  P.T. Barnum, and as much as Hillary Clinton is hated and despised in the U.S., Trump is probably hated more. How much more? Enough, I suspect to put Hillary and Bill back in the White House.

Four years from now, when looking for a candidate for 2020, Trump's name will be linked with McCain and Romney as less than stellar Republican presidential candidates. They'll all say, "We don't want another loser like those last three. Who wanted Trump, anyway?"

Not a few Republicans are upset with Ted Cruz today for his not endorsing Trump at the convention. Four years from now, all will be forgotten and all will be forgiven. Cruz will be able to cast himself as the only true blue Conservative who refused to sell out to Trump and the Establishment Republicans.

It's actually a pretty good move on Cruz' part.

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