Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11th Piggery Update

When I last wrote about our piggery project, I had expected the delay in completing the job to be about three weeks. As it turns out, the delay was more like six weeks.

The two men working on building the piggery began again this morning. As one can see by the photos, they should be able to finish the piggery in a few days. The blocks should be set tomorrow, with only the wooden top and doors remaining. The doors will require a bit of welding. I'll have photos of that when the time comes.

According to my wife's Papa, we should be able to put the piglets into the piggery Friday. We'll be buying two piglet's from my wife's uncle tomorrow and they'll be put in a temporary pen in the mean time.

There was some sort of delay on starting work this morning, so in order to have him earn his day's pay, my wife's Papa had his helper weed a portion of the property. A photo showing the result of that is also included.

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