Monday, July 18, 2016

Oh My Gosh, It's Oshkosh

From time to time, I will check the stats for this blog on Google Analytics. There's no end to the information available on the website - from the location of the persons visiting the blog, to the particular page read, to the referral path and source of the visitor.

Sometimes, however, there are more questions than answers. My latest visit to Google Analytics is one such time.

Checking the visits from the United States this morning, I learned that the most visits so far in July have come from someone in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Going further, I learn that since May 4, Oshkosh has had 27 sessions on my blog.

As flattered as I am that someone would take such an interest in the blog, I'm a little flabbergasted. Going to the referral path, I found out that this person arrived at my blog via Facebook. True, I post a link back to the blog nearly every day, but to the best of my knowledge I have no Facebook friends in or near Wisconsin. Heck, I only have 53 Facebook friends and it's not hard keeping up with so few.

Perhaps when I post this, I'll learn the identity of my fan from Oshkosh.

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