Saturday, July 16, 2016

Friday's Photos

As mentioned in a late post yesterday, my wife and I drove to the property in Magatas late in the afternoon to check on the status of the piggery. Photos were taken, which I said I would post today.

I'm posting the photos now without further delay. I just received word that there will be an electrical brown-out today, starting at 8:00 o'clock. If I don't get to that now, there's no telling when the photos will be online.

My wife's papa purchased bamboo and nipa for the roof of the piggery. It can't be seen from these photos, but a very small section has already been covered with the nipa. Today is the last day budgeted for work, so the roof should be completely finished this afternoon.

As can be seen by the photos, the hired helper seems to have spent most of his time yesterday weeding the property. It looks much better now.

The final photo shows the sun going down over the bundok as seen from the area leaving our property at the right of way (our property is not seen in this photo).

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