Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Here we have three close-up photos taken yesterday afternoon at our property in Magatas. The first one is, of course, the three little pigs - Olivia, Peppa and George. Because there really isn't anything in the photo that gives the actual scale and true size of the pigs, it's easy to imagine that these critters are indeed large, and the metal door is quite intimidating. Rather like a jail cell, which I suppose, in a sense, it is.

The second and third photos are close ups of one of the butternut squash plants growing in our little garden. There are signs of blossoms and squash in the early stages. Butternut squash takes a relatively long time to mature, when compared to other squashes. I'm hoping to use the squash to supplement the pigs' feed and they're not quite old enough for that short of food, so it's all good.

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