Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nipa Roof for the Piggery

While I was writing a post at 7:00 o.clock this morning, I was led to believe that we were scheduled to have a brown-out today, starting at 8:00. When 8:30 AM arrived sans brown-out, we checked on line and discovered that our particular area was not included.

Be that as it may, we went out to the property this morning to pay the two workers and check on the progress.

I'm posting four photos that were taken today. Normally, the photo shown here as number one would not have been placed first. This photo is actually the punch line of today's post, but it's going first, rather than last because of its narrow width and long height as opposed to my usual wide width and shorter height in my photos. In this case, I'm placing the photos to suit the blog's aesthetic appearance over logical content placement.

All four photos show the nipa roof of the piggery as it looks at an early stage. It soon became apparent that sufficient nipa had not been purchased. That will be remedied and the nipa roof will be finished as scheduled.

Now for the punch line. The first photo was taken, while standing under an as yet unfinished section of roof. As one can see, the piggery sets directly beneath a coconut tree. This isn't exactly news to us. Obviously, we were aware of this tree from the beginning. Only now, I'm told that the tree will have to be cut down to prevent coconuts from falling onto the nipa roof. Even before construction, I noticed that there was a possibility of falling coconuts, but I didn't have a clear understanding of the type of roof the piggery would have. I suppose I was expecting some sort of coconut tree wood being used.

The tree cutting will make its way to this blog at a future date, yet to be determined.

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